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Bumper Covers / Air Dams / Bras

Bumper Covers

Go Industries Bumper Covers offer a true custom look for the front of your truck. Available with or without attached down spoiler. No tools required for installation. Made from heavy duty fiberglass with a gel-coat finish. Note: these items are not UPS-able.

Air Dams / Down Spoilers

Go Industries’ Fiberglass Down Spoilers are made from heavy duty fiberglass for extra toughness. They come ready to paint in either a gray or white gel-coat finish. All applications are custom designed for each truck, van or SUV to give superior fit and ease of installation. Available with or without light pockets. Lights sold separately.

  • Adds a custom look to any vehicle
  • Attractive styling
  • Driving light mounting provisions
  • Improved air flow with LRAF style
  • Adds value to your vehicle
  • Easy to Install
  • Available with or without light pockets


MB & MT Series Hook Mask
This popular "West Coast" style is also known as as a "bikini" mask. Hood masks protect the front of the hood from rock chips and dings. Tailored for a smoother look, this style is available for most pickups and some vans. Compact pickup patterns include a colorful custom-embroidered "Mini-Motion" logo.

MN Series Mini-Mask
Mini-masks were designed to protect the area of the hood that takes the most abuse. The front area before the break of a hood is normally where most of the bugs hit and road damage occurs. This style of mask offers an economical alternative to a full front mask and is easy to store when not in use.

MM Series – Hood opens with the mask in place

For maximum protection you can't beat a full front mask. They cover the bumper area (some truck models do not cover the bumper, to allow for installation of lights, grille guards, etc.) and the leading portion of the hood area. We usually screen radiator openings because we feel it's important to protect the maximum front area possible. We have done plenty of testing over the years to confirm that the screen does not increase the engine temperature. There are some applications that just won't allow the use of screening, but not many. Some applications, like Firebirds and some Corvette models, have the hood opening so far back that a hood piece isn't required. These unique patterns are noted in our application guide.


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