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Tie Downs

Bully Tie Downs
A patented vice-like cam-lock secures these innovative tie-downs anywhere along your pick-up truck rail, so your set-up can be customized to fit all your hauling needs. No drilling is necessary and you're not limited by having to use stake-hole pockets. They're constructed of heavy-duty chrome-plated die-cast zinc and lined with a soft cushioning layer of neoprene to guard against scratches and scuffs. Perfect for use with rail caps, campers and tonneau covers.

Push Up Tie Down

Fits full size truck stack pockets hole
Rated at 1,000 lbs. per kit
"POPS" up patented cam system

Bully Stainless Steel Pop-Up Tie-Downs

Spring-loaded—pops up at the push of a button!
Versatile—it's a strong tie down, a handy hook and a cargo divider
Stainless steel will not rust
Mount flush into stake pockets—no drilling. Limited 1-year warranty.

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